Let's Vote to determine the destination of Study Tour 2019

Dear All,

Office of Student Success proposes to organize Study Tour 2019 from mid June to July 2019.

This Two Weeks Study Tour will provide you an opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of the vibrant development of COUNTRY in the recent years.  You will attend sharing sessions given by academics and students of LOCAL UNIVERSITY and learn from their  insights and experience from a broad spectrum.

Cultural activities and visits will also be included so that you can further explore the environment beyond their classroom. You will be arranged with homestay accommodation or University campus.

Let's Vote before 31 January 2019 to determine our destination 

A. Tokyo - Elementary Japanese Course HKD 13600

     Residence twins room, no meal, no excursions, HKD 13600

B. Brisbane - English Enhancement Course HKD13300

     Homestay, All meal included, Excursions include Sea world, Movie world, sanctuary ,

C. Tasmania - English by Nature. HKD11600

     Home stay, All meal included.  Excursions include Wineglass Bay , Honey Farm, Wildlife  sanctuary, Cataract Gorge.

D.  Canada- English Enhancement Course, HKD 20186

      Homestay, All meal included.   Excursions include rockies tour and museum


E.   New Zealand - English Enhancement Course HKD 15000

       Homestay, All meal included.  Excursions include  museum, gallery and campus sports activities


F. Iceland. - enjoy their history and culture HKD 27350 + Flight

        Hostel, No meal included