Feedback and sharing from students in Cultural Tour 2018- Poland

Generally speaking, over half of the participants commented that the tour could let them view the beautiful architectures which were rich in history; meanwhile the tour guides were friendly and informative. Some reflections from students were quoted as below:

Bibi Fatimah (Sky), “It was definitely a globalized history reflecting the future & the present”; “With its country aiming high on its design and past rather than focusing on the high raise building like hong kong”;

Chen Qiao Hui (Chris), "The tour was unforgetable, we tasted a lot of delicious food and we understood the history and culture of one of the"Belt and Road” regions,Poland under the sponsor of the Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Charity Fund.  

Jimenez, Leff Michael Ryan (Jeff), “A truly amazing experience, especially when we had snow”. “Tour guides were informative and friendly”. “The place is amazing, architecture is beautiful and the place is rich with history”.

Choy Yue San (Given), “It would be great and have much fun if we could arrange a City Tour with either one group of the local University students. Our relationship would even be closer in such exploration.”

Tam Tsz Shun (Jason), “The visits to various museums strengthened my historical knowledge on Poland and the international relationships among different European countries centuries ago. Besides the walk to Auschwitz Camp was a very shocking experience to me, I could feel the misery and deep pain of the suffered Jews.”

Chan Sit Ki, (Kiki)“ The interactive description and explanation of the Tour Guide in the Auschwitz Camp made the visit more impressive and unforgettable. She was very professional and either her voice or gestures were filled with emotions and influential, she touched our hearts as if we went through the traumatic moments the Jews had gone through. I would like to gratefully acknowledge the donor Mr. Lam Kin Chung for the exchange award.” 

Fung Hin Ying (Melody), “The trip is very good and memorable.” “The places we went to are meaningful. I think I am having a good time in Poland. And we learnt a lot about the Poland history”. “If we could spend much more time to further explore the two cities, Warsaw and Krakow would be much greater”.

Cheng Siu Wan (Albert), “Everything is great.”, “The foods were good”, “The guide is good”.

Pradhan, Divya (Divya) & Zahid, Mohammad (Zahid) , “I LOVED IT”.

Tsang Pui Him (Patrick),  “The architectures are excellent! I wish to acknowledge the sponsor provided by Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Charity Fund Exchange Award. 


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Students are eligible for the application of the exchange award which was sponsored by:

Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Charity Fund 


This cultural tour was also supported by:

The Seventh Matching Grant Scheme, HKSAR Government