Feedback and sharing from students in Cultural Tour 2019 - South Korea

Over half of our students told that they felt inspired by the visit to Hwaseong Fortress which made them learned Korean history by their real presence to the Village.  Meanwhile, it was a funny experience for students to make the Korean rice roll and wear the traditional costumes, the whole group was enlightened.

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Jerry Lam, The Republic of Korea is no longer just one of the Four Little Dragons, but actually "made Korea great again".

Jason Tam, "The tour was great success, I had visit Demilitarized Zone in Panmunjom where is one of my dream place to go, I would like to take this opportunity to express my great appreciation to our donor Mr. Lam Kin Chung made my dreams come true in this two years.

Ko Chun Yin,  "Thank you for the Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Charity Fund Exchange Award sponsored me in this trip, I was inspired about the manner of the Korean that everyone should 'respect the older and take care of the younger'


Students are eligible for the application of the exchange award which was sponsored by:

Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Charity Fund